I had the pleasure of shooting the cast of Romeo/Juliet at one of my favorite locations–Brooklyn Bridge Park. The experimental adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story employs gender blind casting, movement, and music under the direction of Stefanie Harris. The production is headed to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, but you can catch one of their performances in New York in June. Check out their website and facebook page for more info and ways to help fund their journey.

The Romeo/Juliet cast

Cody Dericks as Juliet and Allie Rightmeyer as Romeo

Allie Rightmeyer as Romeo / Cody Dericks as Juliet

Eliza Hill as Paris / Michael Quadrino as Tybalt

Rita McCann as Mercutio

Matt Engle as Lord Capulet / Ryan Molloy as Friar Laurence

Kira Christoforidis as Benvolio / Dani Elizabeth Letsche as Nurse

Romeo (Allie Rightmeyer) seeks advice from Friar Laurence (Ryan Molloy)

The Capulets

The Montagues

Tybalt (Michael Quadrino) prepares for a fight

Mercutio (Rita McCann) is killed by Tybalt (Michael Quadrino)

Romeo (Allie Rightmeye), Juliet (Cody Dericks), and Paris (Eliza Hill)

The balcony

The cast

The cast with director/adapter Stefanie Harris


Stolen Chair Theatre Co: The Man Who Laughs

Stolen Chair Theatre Company delivered another great play, and I had the pleasure to shoot the promotional photos and production stills. “Based on Victor Hugo’s novel The Man Who Laughs, the play is performed in the style of a silent film, complete with live piano accompaniment, projected title cards, and vibrant black-and-white sets, costumes and makeup.” New York Times’ Andy Webster called it an “Ingenious simulation of silent film…impeccably cohesive.” 

Visit for information about future shows.

Promotional photos:

Production photos:

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